Meet the Editor


     With a love for words and stories, Jasmine started her journey in the literary industry as a writer. Even as young girl, she found her self the start pupil when it came to writing stories and academic papers in school. With hopes and aspirations of eventually becoming a published author she knew it would not be free. So Jasmine pursued a career in the engineering field as a place holder. She figured she could make a living this way, and it would pay for her publishing expenses when she was ready. However, after years of taking part in the corporate world Jasmine realized; though, she excelled at what she did in the engineering technology industry, her heart remained full in the literary world. Thus, Ivry Kasal Ink was born. Jasmine figured, while she works on her books she can help other others to craft their masterpieces also.  With her associate's degree in English Literature and training in proofreading Jasmine will be able to help various aspiring authors to prepare for their journey of becoming published authors. As an author, Jasmine knows what a proofreader should look for when it comes to editing a manuscript. 

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