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Basic Proofread

Storytelling is fun, and the submission portion can be quite intimidating. But

there is still hope! A proofread provides assurance in knowing that you can

submit a manuscript you are proud of rather than one you are merely satisfied



Proofreading is the

last step of the editing process where the last of the crumbs -- spelling,

punctuation, grammar, formatting -- are swept away, leaving you with a clean

manuscript submission ready novel/short story. This proofread will be performed

in one of two ways (your choice): Microsoft Track Changes of PDF markup.


    I will proofread your document using your style guide and my skills.


Grammar and Punctuation – for any that are missing or need to be deleted

Spelling errors – Easy to miss and easy to fix


Word Usage – Their, they’re, and there


Readability – Having a nearly error free piece of material will help with the flow


Microsoft Track Changes (two copies returned: edited & changed)

Is proofreading for you?

You are ready for a proofread if you have gone through rounds of developmental editing, copyediting, and or line editing. A proofread will always be the last round of editing as it does not look for inconsistencies in the story telling, style of writing, tone and voice of the author, and the other plot of the story.

Startings as $100

for every 10k words

Prices will vary based on word count at

$0.01 per word

How does the process work?

1) I will request your manuscript and style sheet to be sent to my business email. (If you prefer to deliver your manuscript through a different platform we can discuss.)

2) Once I receive your manuscript, I will begin editing in the format you choose.

  • Editing choices: Microsoft Track Changes or PDF

3) After I have completed the proofread, I will notify you of completion. And send you the final invoice.

4) Upon reciept of payment, your manuscript with be sent back to you by way of original receipt. The edited version will containing proofread mark-ups.