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Michaela Y., Author

Very detailed and in depth editing! Did a great job at editing my book while making sure the book was still true to my voice!

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Samaria H., Student

Ivry Kasal Ink provided me with premier editing services! The commentary was not only helpful but precise in aiding me to make my arguments stronger without changing the meaning behind my thoughts. Communication was clear and timely and ensured that I was able to meet any and all deadlines. Overall, AWESOME service! I am 100% satisfied with the work done and I highly recommend Ivry Kasal Ink editing services to anyone looking for help in getting their writings polished. Again, thank you Ivry Kasal Ink! 

     Yay! You have finally made it to your last round of editing, proofreading! My guess is you are either here because you are curious or because you were told to do so. Nonetheless, I want you to know you are in the right place! When you submit your manuscript for a final proofread it decreases the chance of errors, and it shows how much you care about the book you are giving to the world. And let’s face it, everything is made better when it’s done with tlc! Eliminate the stress of having to multitask and let me handle the proofreading.

Before we proceed let’s review what proofreading is, what it entails, and finally determining if proofreading is for you.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is your last step before publishing your book. It corrects the last of the minor grammatical and punctuation errors. After a proofread is completed you are ready for publishing.

What does it entail?​

Basic Proofread

Grammar and Punctuation – for any that are missing or need to be deleted

Spelling errors – Easy to miss and easy to fix


Word Usage – Their, they’re, and there


Readability – Having a nearly error free piece of material will help with the flow


Microsoft Track Changes (two copies returned: edited & changed)


Formatting (if applicable)

Prices start at $0.01 per word