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Almost there! As important as it is to fill in the plot holes of your story, the readability is what helps to keep your audience interested. Sentences that do not complement each other will cause your story to appear poorly built. Your developmental edit helped to design the structure, but with a faulty copyeditor you may find yourself with a “this would’ve been great if,” type of scenario. Receiving a copyedit will create a natural flow for your story, that will add value to your readers experience.

Before we proceed let’s review what copyediting is, what it entails, and finally determining if copyediting is for you.

What is copyediting?

A copyedit is the process of fact checking, reviewing for inconsistencies, and repetition.

What does it entail?

Correct typos

Correct basic grammar (unless changes affect author/character voice)

Correct punctuation

Make style consistent: spelling, capitalization, hyphens, dashes, italics, ellipses, etc.

Identify content inconsistency from chapter to chapter: character hair color, eye color, ages, wardrobe, motivations, setting, etc

Fact checking (i.e., geography, dates, accuracy of plot timeline)

Identify inconsistencies

Identify plot holes

Identify any potential copyright issues (song lyrics, poetry, photos/artwork, other copyrighted material not owned by the author)

Prices Start at $0.02 per word

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