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Developmental Edit

     A developmental edit views the manuscript in an big-picture perspective.  From plot setting to does the message match the objective, a developmental edit has you covered. While the author’s voice is important, developmental editing will identify things such as style and tone. A developmental edit is performed by reading the manuscript and identifying potential problems that lies withing the elements of the story. A report will be provided, thoroughly explaining what elements need attention and how you can tend to the problem.

What is developmental editing?

Developmental editing is taking a step back to get a view of the entire picture. Plot development, character arcs, settings, and more are all honed in on during this editing stage.

What does it entail?


for 30k words

Prices will vary based on word count

at $0.03 per word

Overall review of your book

Character arc development

Plot development

Highlight plot holes

Help spot gaps in the story and character

Is a developmental edit for you?

If you have completed your manuscript, and completed a self-edit yourself, a developmental edit is for you. Many errors that exist within manuscripts are not easily identified by the author who wrote the manuscript. This is not because of lack of experience, but because of the closeness to the manuscript. 

How does the process work?

1) I will request your manuscript and style sheet to be sent to my business email. (If you prefer to deliver your manuscript through a different platform we can discuss.)

2) Once I receive your manuscript, I will begin editing in  Microsoft Track Changes.

3) After I have completed the developmental edit, I will notify you of completion. And send you the final invoice.

4) Upon reciept of payment, your manuscript will be sent back to you containing feedback and suggestions, along with a detailed report.