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-- Maya Angelou

     Now that your beta readers and critique partners read over your manuscript, it is time for the developmental edit.


A developmental edit provides the other with an outside look at the world they have created. What make the characters tick, how does one instance lead to the other. Sometimes, this can be hard to identify when viewing your own work because you know every twist in turn additional information is not always necessary; however, it is for your audience.


Identify what will leave your readers confused and fill it with just the right hints that connects to the rest of your story.

What is developmental editing?

Developmental editing is taking a step back to get a view of the entire picture. Plot development, character arcs, settings, and more are all honed in on during this editing stage.

Before we proceed let’s review what copyediting is, what it entails, and finally determining if copyediting is for you.

What does it entail?

Overall review of your book

Character arc development

Plot development

Highlight plot holes

Help spot gaps in the story and character

Prices Start at $1,500

*50k word count

Prices will increase based on word count at $0.03 per word