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What is developmental editing?

Now that you have had your beta readers and critique partners read over your manuscript it is time for the developmental edit. Picture this, a person is walking down the street on their way to get a latte and boom; they fall into manhole. They had every intention of going to the restaurant to get the latte, but the construction workers forgot to place the manhole cover over the manhole. This is exactly what will happen to your reader, if they read your book without it having gone through a developmental edit. The reader will had a great idea of what is going on, but then with the holes in your story not being covered or filled, they reader will loose they understanding and find themselves in a pit of confusion. Attaining a developmental edit will help for your book to meet its full potential by recognizing weak points, and it helps the author with suggestions on which route the book could take.

Before we proceed let’s review what copyediting is, what it entails, and finally determining if copyediting is for you.

What is developmental editing?

Developmental editing is taking a look at the bigger picture overall. Plot development, character arcs, settings, and more are all honed in on during this editing stage.

What does it entail?

Overall review of your book

Character arc development

Plot development

Highlight plot holes

Help spot gaps in the story and character

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