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Line Edit

Is line editing for you?

If a developemtanl edit has been performed, or any elements of the story no longer require further structure, then you are ready to progress to line editing. 

Correct typos

Correct basic grammar 

Adds punctuation when needed

Review sentences' overall syntax and structure

Identify inconsistencies

Aids in maintaining style and tone

Analyzes language usage based on manuscripts tone

Provides suggest and insight on if certain passages are delivering the writer's meaning.


for 30k words

Prices will vary based on word count

at $0.025 per word

Sample edits available:

5k Words - $105

10k Words - $210

A line edit evaluates a story line-by-line, considering word choice and the sentence's overall meaning. This service will help your story in maintaining its style, tone, and authenticity. Since it will aid in sentence flow and structure, line editing presents the author with being in control of the pace of the story as it considers the emotion within the syntax.

Before we proceed, let’s review what line editing is, what it entails, and finally determining if line editing is for you.

What is line editing?

Line editing consider stories on a line-by-line basis, polishing sentence structure so the language is clean and clear.

What does it entail?

How does the process work?

1) I will request your manuscript and style sheet to be sent to my business email. (If you prefer to deliver your manuscript through a different platform we can discuss.)

2) Once I receive your manuscript, I will begin editing via Microsoft Track Changes.

3) After I have completed the line edit, I will notify you of completion. And send you the final invoice.

4) Upon reciept of payment, your manuscript with be sent back to you by way of original receipt. The edited version will containing edits and suggestions for your material