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Meet the Editor

Since age 7, Jasmine found storytelling to be one of her favorite pastimes. Whether it was reading, watching movies, or authoring stories herself, she loved a good narrative. While in school, she was often entered in the Young Authors contests and recognized for her creativity in storytelling, but never did she think it could become a career. With this dream appearing farfetched, Jasmine knew she had to decide on the career path that was "attainable". Believing that it would be exceedingly difficult to become a published author, she figured she would follow her curiosity for engineering and technology, this way she would be able to financially support her dreams, if she were to pursue them.

     Throughout Jasmine's college years, she would find herself naturally editing essays and articles she read by default, and even helped her peers every now and again. But again, this type of thing couldn't be a career. Or could it?

     After graduating from her university and taking on the corporate world, Jasmine quickly came to realize corporate was not her first choice when it came to expressing her creativity, nor feeling comfortable in that environment. As she continued to bounce ideas back and forth Jasmine started to consider the skills she naturally excelled in. And to her surprise she was reaquainted with her first love, storytelling.

   With an innate sense of passion, and an eye for grammar and punctuation, Jasmine created Ivry Kasal Ink - Editorial Services, in hopes of being an ally to the aspiring author. Through teamwork Jasmine hopes to assist through proofreading, line editing, and/or development editing.Providing an extra set of eyes to identify  grammatical mistakes. In addition to, her commoniality with authors as she continues to embark on her own book publishing journey.

     With this experience, Jasmine can identify with authors where their fear and questions lie, while providing assitance to help relieve the stress of the book publishing journey. As she continues to hone her skills in manuscript editing, Jasmine hopes to help authors fulfill their dreams of bringing their books to life.